Aquaron is an electric iron, which is a redesign of the steam iron based on the existing technology . In this project I focused on the appearance and ergonomics to design a practical steam iron for people with modern lifestyles.

Inspiration _  My inspiration  for the redesign of the electric iron is from marine creatures like whales and dolphins. In particular, I draw inspiration from their ability to expel water. Traditionally, steam irons use water sprays to soften fabric and remove wrinkles.  
 In the sketching stage, I played with the dynamic shape of the fish and combined the need for functionality.
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Ergonomic  _  Ensuring optimal ergonomics for the final product is crucial since it is a handheld device. Throughout the design process, I consistently used one-to-one paper models to personally experience the comfort of the grip, evaluating factors such as the size and bending angle of the handle.
Controll Buttons _  The handle incorporates two conveniently positioned buttons at its front end. One button controls the front water spray, while the other releases steam from the baseplate. This placement ensures effortless control with the thumb.
Water Tank —— Aquaron's design features a large water tank, enabling prolonged water usage. The water can be easily filled through the front inlet port.The flip-top design is ergonomically shaped to match the  fingers, making it easy to open.
Components  _  Explosion View

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